Tkinter Quilt


My first ever programming project!

A digital quilt drawn using python code and the Tkinter library.


I created five different square "quilt" designs, programmed the Tkinter turtle to draw each one together in a single quilt in a final script. It utilizes input/output, making it user-friendly for customizing the quilt in terms of quilt block size, how many columns and how many rows the user would like their quilt to have.


When the program is run, a terminal window will appear, asking the user three questions. This is the input, where they will customize the quilt. Their answers with be the variables: blockSize, quiltColumnsNum, and quiltRowsNum.


The output is their customized quilt using their answers and the preprogrammed block designs.


Random String Art

Random color or black & white art created by writing a random string generator script.

Some improvements I'd like to make with the code surround the user friendly aspect. Adding these user input functions:

Creating a directory;
Check if the directory already exists, if it does, then ask the user for a different directory name, or ask user if they'd like to overwrite the directory;
Allowing the user to make the naming convention;
Allowing the user to choose the pixel dimensions of the image;
User chooses how many images to generate of black and white and/or color.

Note: I created only the makeString and buildExpr functions.

A script code be written to tile this textures by flipping them and could be used for unique 3D textures, especially for displacement maps.



Mocap Script with Houdini Integration

I have written a file manipulator from scratch, using Python, to rewrite txt files of motion capture data into new txt files that could be understood in Houdini.

I added elements to visualize the data, using Houdini. My first time using Houdini!

Some improvements I'd like to make surround the user friendly aspect: 

Check if the directory already exists, if it does then ask user the user for a different directory name, or ask user if they'd like to overwrite the directory; 

Change asking for the university to asking the user if they know how many fps the data was captured in (if yes, then ask how many; if not, then have the script count the data to determine how many fps there are. Then divide that number by the desired fps in the new files to determine what data to grab).

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